What is Java?

Java is one of software developers’ most commonly used programming languages globally. It is an object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs on many devices such as computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, medical devices, laptops, and many others.

The language was first invented in 1991 by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems with the primary goal of being able to “write once, run anywhere.” As a result, the codes written by a trusted software development company on one device, such as a notebook, can be easily moved to a mobile device to run applications. 

Java, as a computing platform for application development, is used by Java Software Development Services for fast, secure, and reliable application development and deployment. It has widespread applications for developing Java applications in laptops, data centers, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, and cell phones.  

Seldom do people confuse Java with much different JavaScript. While JavaScript needs to be compiled as against Java which needs no compilation. In addition, Javascript only runs on web browsers, while Java can be run anywhere.

Statistically, as of 2022, JavaScript and Java are among the top most commonly used programming languages among software developers around the world. More than 33 percent of respondents state that they used Java.  

Most used Programming Languages

Most used Programming Languages Among Developers Worldwide as of 2022

Source – Statista

Benefits of Using Java Software Development Services

As one of the most preferred general-purpose object-oriented programming languages, Java helps in the rapid development and deployment of custom applications. The applications built on Java enjoy many benefits and positive qualities that make the developers fall in love with the language.

  • Java is an easy-to-learn programming language. The language has an effortless learning curve. Writing, compiling, debugging, and learning are easier than in other programming languages.
  • Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose language. It enables Java programmers to create modular programs and reusable code.
  • Java is a platform-independent programming language. One of the significant advantages of Java is that it enables a trusted enterprise software development company to move from one device to another. The portability feature makes the language versatile to be used on any platform. 
  • Java is economical and easy to maintain. It can run on any JVM; therefore, the developers need not spend extra bucks on setting up specialized environments for executing Java programs.    

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What are Some Use Cases of Java Software development?

Java, as we know, has been designed as a general-purpose, high-level language developed to allow programmers to write once and run anywhere. Java code, once reported on a platform, can run anywhere. Due to this reason, Java engineers can use the language across domains for different objectives. Some of the Java use cases are briefly described below – 

  • Scientific Application:
    • Java is a robust language that can be used for complex scientific calculations. In addition, the language supports many tools that can be used for simulation, large scientific computing, and other objectives easily.
  • Financial Sector:
    • Developers use the language to create a Java enterprise application because it provides high performance for data processing and can also be synchronized with different servers, which makes them more stable. 
  • Android Application:
    • A Java software development company can exclusively use the language to develop applications for Android mobile devices. As a result, java-based mobile applications are compatible with Google’s operating system for smartphones, tablets, etc.

Top 7 Most Popular Benefits to Use Java for Software Development

After more than two decades of Java’s creation, it is still the most popular language across domains. New and better software applications are coming into the market rapidly. At the same time, the rise of custom software development services has enhanced the applicability of Java development. As a result, Java is among the essential requirements for competing in the job market. 

So is Java good for software development? Let us have close look – 

  1. Benefits of Java API’s:
    • The Java APIs provide Java engineers with numerous classes and about 50 keywords to work with. In addition, it enables programmers to use coding methods that run without trouble. This makes the Java frameworks versatile for multiple application development projects.
    • At the same time, the Java API is straightforward and basic. Once a beginner becomes comfortable with the functions of Java, everything else can be earned on the job.
  1. Java Virtual Machine:
    • The Java Virtual Machine was a concern amongst the Java software development services. Although, after years of efforts, the JVM has finally revealed itself as rather applicable.
    • Java Machines can be found everywhere, even in the lower levels of cloud computing. In addition, the modern Java virtual machines deliver sophisticated automatic memory management with out-of-the-box performance approaching C.
  1. Easy Reuse:
    • Why would any developer want to write the same code twice? That is where Java comes to the rescue. The Java objects enable the software developers to reuse standard codes whenever applicable instead of rewriting the same code more than once.
    • The commonality of attributes between two object classes is shared so that the developer can focus on developing the other kind of attributes. This ability of code inheritance makes coding simple, fast, and affordable.
  1. Java is Adaptable, Strong and Stable:
    • It is a well-established fact by now that Java is a portable language. Therefore, a java development company can use the same code on mobile and desktop web applications.
    • Since the application can be run well on small and large devices, we can conclude that it is solid and stable.
    • Also, there are no limitations with Java. The language has proven to be useful for even complex scientific applications as well. 
  1. Java is Object Oriented:
    • We know that everyone may not like Java due to its object-oriented rigidity in the current developmental landscape. However, although Java has introduced certain new functional features into the programming language in the past few years, the OOP’s baseline is not going anywhere.
    • The adherence to the object-oriented structure of Java gives the code a clean, elegant, and organized design. As Java software development companies work on a large project with thousands of codeline, the benefits of the structure become evident.
  1. Good Source Code Editor:
    • A source code editor is an Integrated Development Environment that enables the Java enterprise application company to write code quickly and rapidly. 
    • The source code editor also comes with an in-built debugger feature that helps identify the specific features in the code line that, when hit, may halt the execution of the entire program.
  1. Easy to Read and Troubleshoot the Codes:
    • The last but probably the most important reason to use Java is that the codes are well organized and, therefore, easy to read and troubleshoot in the case of any specific issue.
    • Object-oriented programming-based coding language makes software design simpler by breaking the execution process down into smaller chunks. On top of that, object-based languages provide programmers with greater modularity and an easy-to-understand logical approach.

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The Java programming language is undoubtedly amongst the most widely accepted programming languages. In addition, the language is quite user-friendly and flexible and, therefore, a go-to choice of an enterprise software development company. 

The language has many applications in different industries. It is perfect for supporting small as well as large hardware systems. You can meet your IT needs by outsourcing your Java software development projects to BoTree Technologies. 

As a leading Java software development company, we use the best Java software development tools to provide our clients with the custom application of their expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should you Choose Java for Application Development?

Java should be the first choice for your application development requirements – 

  • Java is simple
  • Java is object-oriented
  • Java is a Secure language
  • Java is a platform-independent language
  • Java software development is affordable
  1. Is Java a good option for Software Development?
  • Java has been in existence for more than 20+ years. During this time, it earned the trust of thousands of Java developers. Moreover, the language, now owned by Oracle, keeps receiving new features like the implementation of Lambda, improved multi-threading, and more. Therefore, it is still used by numerous developers to develop robust applications.
  1. How to use API with Java software development projects?
  • The API’s help to perform most basic programming tasks in Java development. The API classes and packages help to reduce the number of lines written within one piece of code. 
  • The article also highlights the benefit of API.

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