Build a virtual workforce with Blue Prism RPA

Deliver extraordinary results by building a virtual workforce that complements the human potential.

Empower employees to capitalize on ther decision-making skills

Blue Prism is a leading software for creating a virtual workforce that helps your employees to do more creative-thinking and decision-making. Our skilled RPA developers know the ins and outs of the tool. We help to digitally transform your organization and achieve unmatched growth. BoTree Technologies helps to innovatively implement RPA in your system with the help of Blue Prism and create a digital workforce to augment your customer experience.

Virtual Workforce

Take advantage of the revolutionary robotic process automation tool by creating a virtual workforce that reduces the workload up to 50%.

Agile Operations

Provides agility in executing complex business operations by rapidly automating repetitive tasks for completion in less time & with greater accuracy.

Maximize ROI

Skyrocket your ROI from 30% to 200% within the first year of Blue Prism Implementation and gain a competitive edge in the robotic process automation market.

Application Expertise

Swift Website Scraping

GasBuddy, a next-generation gas station locator, portrays perfect relevancy for implementing Blue Prism to scrape specific data & information. By implementing the Blue Prism RPA framework, the data on gas stations in specific locations was extracted using the zip code & the kind of gas station (i.e. regular, premium etc.). This information was properly summarized in an excel that allowed GasBuddy to mitigate significant time in manually analyzing specific locations and then collecting the data.

Apart from this, data extraction with Blue Prism becomes an effortless process. In the health insurance industry, we have utilized the software to extract client data for various insurance brokers. The iterative process involved allows the bot to regularly keep a check on the new information that is being added as it re-scans the whole system to extract more data. Even in the HRM system, RPA Services has helped the HR department to scan the profiles of candidates for key skills and export the data in a proper format for continuing with the process.

Customer Service Applications

In the insurance industry, companies aim to deliver a better customer experience all the while reducing the risks & costs associated with their products. Agents face several difficulties in maintaining siloed databases that resulted in degrading customer experiences. The service-level integration of the Blue Prism RPA framework with the back office allowed efficient data sharing with their workstation assistant robot. This increased the overall productivity of agents by nearly 30% with consistently high-performing customer service.

We at BoTree Technologies, streamline your business processes by implementing RPA to achieve improved agility and lead to cost savings. From inventory control to data extraction, we identify key deficiencies in your operations and integrate Blue Prism RPA to ensure optimum level of performance that satisfies all the stakeholders of your business.

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Our experienced Blue Prism RPA developers enable the creation of a virtual workforce to transform your organization. We have extensively worked in varied industries and implemented RPA solutions for diverse clients.




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