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We enable enterprise-wide automation to help you streamline your processes.

Create better customer experiences by standardizing business outcomes with UiPath

UiPath helps companies to leverage bots for streamlining business processes and increase your efficiency. We help in cost-effective digital transformation by leveraging UiPath and provide more time to your employees for important activities. Our experts provide training to employees for reaping the maximum benefit of enterprise-wide automation using UiPath.

Agile Analytics

UiPath easily gathers data and makes the process of analytics agile by providing deeper insights to analysts with higher standards of compliance.

Scalable Operations

The robotic process automation framework offer enterprise wide applications by offering enough flexibility & scalability for parallel operations.

Robotic Orchestration

Enable the integration of your employees with a digital workforce to eliminate menial & repetitive tasks, leaving creative decision-making to human personnel.

Application Expertise

Achieving Automation Excellence

With UiPath, CapGemini successfully structured the innovative BPO system by implementing unattended automation - a type of automated process that was enabled by the UiPath RPA tools which enabled them to create robots that manage other bots. It eliminated the interference of human decision-making and left the task of managing automated operations in batches that were administered by a virtual workforce.

CapGemini reported that their BPO costs were reduced by 80%. The outsourcing process that earlier involved maximum human intervention is now looking at nearly no monitoring by human personnel. Higher service level was a result of the UiPath platform that has accelerated the growth of the company with the innovative rpa process integrated into its BPO infrastructure.

Query Management Application

The e-commerce market is filled with a plethora of players with UiPath integration to support their operations. These companies regularly solicit hundreds of queries from users. With UiPath, queries of similar nature are extracted to create solutions that are suitable for the specific users. The customer queries can also be categorized with this framework and RPA solutions can be suggested to the user instantly by integrating AI in this system.

At BoTree, we have a team of experts that are proficient in UiPath integration for augmenting the cognitive abilities of your organization's infrastructure. From identifying key areas where robotic process automation can mitigate inefficiency to aligning UiPath for giving you control over time & productive activities, we transform your business by providing you a competitive edge in this noisy world of automation.

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Our experienced Uipath RPA developers enable the creation of a virtual workforce to transform your organization. We have extensively worked in varied industries and implemented RPA software solutions for diverse clients.




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