The Basic Features That Differentiate Javascript & NodeJS

JavaScript remains one of the popular programming languages even after 23 years of its release. Used by web developers across the globe, JavaScript is recommended as the most widely deployed language. It has completely transformed web application development after Google released Chrome browser with V8 JavaScript engine.

JavaScript and its surrounding environments like Node js for web development have seen a great acceleration in recent years. Giants in the industry like eBay, Uber, Netflix are preferring Node js for web development of applications.

Node js app development leads to robust and faster web applications that also provide significantly better user experiences. While it is fast, Node js app development also offer great functionality and reliability over an extended period.

Several developers who are new in the programming find it trickier to differentiate JavaScript & Node Js. Here is the list of points that describe the key differences between JavaScript and NodeJS.

  1. JavaScript is a simple programming language that runs on any of the browser’s JavaScript engines. On the contrary, Node js is a Javascript runtime environment, which is based on Google’s V8 JavaScript environment. It is used in executing Javascript codes outside the browsers.
  2. When the utility is concerned, JavaScript is mainly used for client-side activity for a web application, which can be attributed validations, refreshing the page at specific time periods, incorporating dynamic changes on web pages without refreshing the page. Node.js is used for executing the on-blocking operation of any operating system, which can include creating a shell script or getting access to specific details on hardware or even running a backend job.
  3. JavaScript can be run on any browser engine like Spider monkey for Firefox, JavaScript Core for Safari & V8 for Google Chrome. There is no browser specific limitations with JavaScript. However, Node JS can be run only on V8 of Google Chrome. Any programs using Node JS will need to be run on V8 engines only.
  4. Typically, JavaScript follows set standards of Java programming language. The writing of code might differ on several aspects, however, it can also be written using standard Java programming language. Node JS is written in C++ and needs to be run on V8 engine based browsers (Google Chrome).
  5. For accessing any non-blocking task on operating systems, JavaScript has predefined objects that are specific to every operating system. ActiveX is a classic example that can be run only on the Windows. However, Node JS is given the utility to execute operating system specific non-blocking tasks from any JavaScript programming. The limitation to operating system specific constant is not there in Node JS.

To conclude, JavaScript is a popular programming language used for web applications development. Node JS is a JavaScript runtime built on a V8 engine and highly recommended for its performance, reliability and scalability. Nodejs app development is used for ERPs, Big Data, Analytics and embedded systems.

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