Today’s business world demands you to be niche-focused. You must narrow down your target audience, operational style, and business objectives. Customized solutions and products are a priority. Why is that?

One reason is that not everything works for everyone. Your enterprise needs to find that “unique selling point.” The same goes for operations within the organization. You need working methods, solutions, and procedures that multiple YOUR organization’s profitabilities – irrespective of your competition. 

In the IT department, this calls for a customized software solution. The greatest challenge for any enterprise is the adaptation of new technology. A custom software solution solves this problem. It provides operational processes that suit the company’s working style. 

A custom software development company provides solutions specific to your business processes. It solves a particular problem your enterprise faces. 

For example – Let’s say you are a large-scale notebook manufacturing company. You need a centralized dashboard to manage your vendors & suppliers. It should have features like paper manufacturing material, quantity supplied, the products built from paper, and much more.

A standardized dashboard cannot solve the problem. You need custom software developers who can build a solution that is specific to the paper industry. In the absence of such a product, you can outsource a software development team and get an application. 

There are multiple B2C examples as well. Take the case of The Fifth Collection, a vintage fashion store that provides clothing to consumers. There was no platform to sell vintage clothing. The software development lifecycle of The Fifth Collection involved building a custom product with vintage store features. 

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Now that we understand a customized software solution and how it helps both B2B and B2C businesses, let’s look at its benefits to your business.

7 Reasons Software Development is Important

It doesn’t matter what business you are in – enterprise software and mobile app development will lead any industry and organization to growth. The world is rapidly moving towards serving customers and stakeholders through technology. 

Custom app development for startups is prevalent worldwide. COVID-19 has driven even small businesses to consider getting mobile and web applications. Digital transformation became a priority for MNCs. 

Companies now seek a full stack development company for online financial transactions, ecommerce products, online product delivery, investment management, internal process management, and much more. 

Ignoring the online customer and not getting a web application is a mistake companies are trying to avoid.

We are highlighting 7 important reasons that showcase why your enterprise needs custom software development.

  1. Need-specific product
    • Let’s say you need a chatbot for responding to customer queries about home loans. You need a bot with specific answers related to loan management. A software development team will build a solution that fulfills that exact need.
    • When your business requires a specific solution to solve a particular problem, custom software development is the answer. Need-specific products give you more opportunities to grow in that segment. You can focus on solving other issues when the software does the work for you in one department.
  2. Easy system integration
    • Would an off-the-shelf software work with your existing system? If a solution is available, but it doesn’t integrate with your current infrastructure, then it’s of no use. A enterprise software development company can build an integrated solution that is compatible with your existing system.
    • Integrations are important. A standalone solution would not work well unless it receives inputs and information from other solutions. For example – integrating Trello and Google Calendar ensures that all tasks have particular deadlines. In this way, integration guarantees complete interdependence of solutions.
  3. Better security
    • App development for startups and enterprises is more secure than pre-built products. You know your data better than anyone else. B2B software development lifecycle comprises stages focused on eliminating security vulnerabilities. Developers build software with increased data protection.
    • Since custom software development requires writing code from scratch, security is top-notch. You can include features that protect your internal system from hackers. You can completely trust the custom software solution for data security. Other companies are not using your solution, making it much safer than off-the-shelf products.
  4. Scalable solution
    • As your business grows, you will need scalable software. Whether you need B2B or B2C solutions, both require scalability as the enterprise progresses. Readymade software asks for extra subscriptions or premium fees for scalability. There are paid models available that you have to opt for every time you want to scale.
    • Custom enterprise software and mobile app development are easily scalable. You don’t have to incur an extra cost when your business grows. Custom software developers write powerful code that can handle millions of requests simultaneously. Scalability becomes simpler with customized solutions.
  5. Technical upgradation
    • When your legacy systems go out of date, what do you do? The traditional software is created with specific features. That can be limiting to the growth of your business. Legacy systems are poor at handling the scaling opportunities. They can easily falter when new advancements are in need.
    • A custom software solution is like a technical upgrade. You can get features keeping in mind the need of the hour. Off-the-shelf software has predefined features – custom software comprises elements that match with the industry trends and requirements.

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  6. Minimizes risk
    • There’s always the risk of losing your data, incurring high costs, and more. The off-the-shelf software company might go bankrupt one day or decide to shut down its operations. If not that, then their scheduled maintenance may hinder your operations.
    • When you outsource a software development team, you are minimizing all the risks. You are not dependent on the software company anymore. Instead, your custom development partner builds software that only you own. Any problem that arises – it can quickly solve for you.
  7. Digital transformation
    • Custom software development is your first step in digital transformation. Companies are moving to online channels for their business process management. Cloud software is becoming essential for developing a remote work culture. B2C apps are necessary to stay connected with the customers at all times.
    • Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc., are transforming the enterprise’s operational landscape. Custom software solutions enable automation, deliver valuable insights, and ensure you make the best use of data. Managing your entire organization under an umbrella software is much more profitable than having different systems in place for each process. 

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Conclusion: Custom Software Helps your Business Grow

As we understood, customized software solutions are essential to achieve enterprise-specific goals. It helps you solve particular problems unique to your organization. It enables easy integration with your system, offers better scalability options, and provides a security cover to your organization’s data.

Apart from that, a custom software development company leverages its expertise to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. It builds a valuable solution for managing the entire organization. That in itself is a significant advantage for enterprises. 

At BoTree Technologies, our software development team builds custom B2B and B2C solutions. We provide customized software services to new-age startups and established enterprises for ensuring their growth. 

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