There are currently 140,284 live websites that use Python. The programming language powers 2.65% of the top 10,000 websites on the internet. Python development services are the most sought-after technology in the world.

24.5% of total global retail sales will take place through ecommerce by 2025. With access to smartphones, ecommerce and m-commerce are growing in size. Today, the demand for an eCommerce website development company is multiplying. The most important reason – consumers WANT to buy online is because they need convenience.

Building an ecommerce website requires the right technology stack. Python for eCommerce development turns out to be a great choice. It has the flexibility and scalability to handle an ecommerce store. 

While there are programming languages like Ruby that serve a great purpose in ecommerce development, Python is the newest contender. According to TIOBE, it is the #1 programming language. An ecommerce website using Python can be integrated with Machine Learning, interactive modules, data analytics, and much more.

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Let’s look at what makes Python the perfect choice for ecommerce application development.

It’s the Era of Python for eCommerce Development

Python’s era is here. From companies small to large, every enterprise now prefers Python. It has a simple syntax and offers widely scalable capabilities.

Today, most companies are using Python for data science and analytics. Python developers are easily the most in-demand developers across all technologies. Scaling Python websites is simpler than several other technology stacks. 

It’s been over 20 years since the launch of Python. But its recognition has started in recent years. Python has over 20,000 jobs open, and the demand for developers in the field is likely to multiply. 

Today, many ecommerce companies are either opting for an ecommerce platform or building the technology from scratch using their own technology stack. Python is one of the main programming languages through which they can achieve their desired goals for ecommerce.

7 Reasons to Choose Python for eCommerce Development

Python matches the requirements of the current ecommerce development trends. Whether it’s integrating a recommendation engine or building a scalable ecommerce website using Python – the technology can do it all. 

Here are 7 reasons to choose Python for eCommerce development – 

  1. Security advantages
    • Ecommerce websites offer a payment system, which must be secure. Python has built-in security options that provide security from phishing attacks, SQL injections, and much more.
    • There are libraries and modules in Python that offer data protection during transactions. Python libraries ecommerce also provide authentication features that secure card details, UPI details, and more during international transactions as well. There are several access control schemes that simplify ecommerce transactions.
  2. Library support
    • From CGI scripting to high-end ecommerce development, an enterprise software development company can do a ton of activities with Python. There are libraries for text processing, data processing, and database manipulation.
    • Developers can pick any library they want and use it to their advantage.​​  TensorFlow, PyTorch, Theano, Keras, and Selenium are some of the top libraries in Python. They provide capabilities for data analytics, NLP, and much more. These libraries enable quick feature development without any need to conduct additional research.
  3. Scalable applications
    • Ecommerce solutions built with Python are easily scalable. As the demand for e-commerce platforms grows, scalability is important. Python is an easily scalable language that can handle hundreds and thousands of user requests at once. 
    • Python supports both vertical and horizontal scaling for an ecommerce platform. It boosts the performance and speed of the website without any additional hindrance. There are no lags as Python has powerful coding & development capabilities.
  4. User-friendly
    • Building an ecommerce website with Python is extremely user-friendly. The programming language is often the first choice of programmers these days. It is because it has an easy learning curve that makes it perfect for beginners.
    • There are plenty of resources available today that provide assistance with Python. Writing an ecommerce website with Python becomes simpler when everyone knows that support is there whenever they need it.
  5. Development frameworks
    • When it comes to application development frameworks, Python definitely leads the way. Django, Flask, Cherry2Py, Web2Py, and TurboGears are among the most famous ones. Of course, Django is the most widely used Python development framework. 
    • Django follows the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle that simplifies the development process for developers. They can copy the code and use it somewhere else – also reducing the lines of code in the application.
  6. Shipping integration
    • One of the most important aspects of an ecommerce website is its shipping functionality. Online shopping stores need shipping to seamlessly maintain their logistics and delivery options. Python comes with built-in shipping integrations with FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
    • Satchmo (the open-source framework based on Python) and Python itself offer amazing capabilities to integrate shipping features into the ecommerce website. Therefore, it makes sense to use Python for ecommerce applications.
  7. Wide community
    • Python has one of the biggest developer communities. Over 10 million developers are currently active users of Python, and the community is growing every day. An eCommerce with Python guide is easily available online as there are tons of documentation and resources that the community provides for development.
    • The community also supports different projects. A software development company can easily hire Python developers and deploy them on a project. They provide quick support and assist beginner developers on new projects.

Wrapping Up

Python is becoming the language of the future. There are developers all over the world that are contributing to the rise of its prominence. And for a good reason – Python offers things that have been missing from several programming languages for years. It is an all-in-one programming language – it is useful for data science, GUI, desktop apps, web apps, and much more.

E-Commerce applications and Python are becoming great companions. From adding a recommendation engine to websites to creating a mobile application, Python offers multiple development capabilities. Creating a secure, scalable, and reliable ecommerce application now becomes simpler as the technology continues to advance itself.

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