.NET is a scalable and robust framework for building web and enterprise applications. ASP.NET Core is the 6th most used web framework among developers, with a market share of 18.1%. It offers a complete platform to build cross-platform, interactive, and high-performance solutions. ASP.NET development services are the first choice of enterprises worldwide, including Accenture, IBM, and other giants.

The growing demand for ecommerce calls for a technology that can handle the scale and stability of customers. .NET is turning out to be a perfect option for building an ecommerce solution. It has the features, plugins, and robustness for ecommerce website development services.

ASP.NET is a secure framework and offers added layers of security to ecommerce stores. Since they generate a high amount of transactions, ecommerce solutions can benefit from the framework’s amazing security protocols and features. Therefore, it is a preferred choice for many enterprises and startups that are looking to build their online shopping websites. 

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10 Reasons to Use .NET for Custom eCommerce Development

ASP.NET development services are useful for developing both B2C and B2B ecommerce solutions. Enterprises can create rich and dynamic web pages, interactive ecommerce solutions, and provide a complete platform to manage their products.

Here are 10 reasons to use .NET for ecommerce web development services:

  1. Industry-standard ecommerce stores
    • ASP.NET Core has the capability to build industry-standard e-commerce solutions. It offers features and functionalities that go above and beyond Python, Ruby on Rails, and other technologies.
    • It assists with the development of industry-leading web portals as well. So companies that want B2B ecommerce solutions can easily venture into .NET and get their website in no time. Today, most ecommerce companies utilize .NET to upgrade their online shopping websites.
  2. Secure online shopping solutions
    • When it comes to the security and safety of transactions, .NET delivers some amazing results. The framework allows incorporating the 128 encryption key technology to protect the website and safeguard it from threats and vulnerabilities in the system.
    • ASP.NET provides a high amount of security measures for online shopping websites. It reduces SQL injection attacks, phishing attacks, and other cyberattacks without any hassle.
  3. Open-source benefit
    • .NET is an open-source framework which offers amazing flexibility in development. The framework codes are available on GitHub, which reduce the time taken to write the code from scratch. The community has a lot of code repositories ready to be incorporated into the ecommerce solution.
    • When it comes to upgrading, companies hire dot net developers to work on a specific component of the application. It decreases any distortion that might occur in upgrading the application and reduces the chances of component failures.
  4. Enhanced user experience
    • Ecommerce development solutions require a high-quality user experience, and .NET application development services provide exactly that. The swift coding and feature installation enable developers to implement a user experience loved by everyone.
    • Apart from that, designing applications and ecommerce websites in ASP.NET Core is significantly easy. There are pre-built components ready to install, which ensures that time-tested elements are used to create a good experience.
  5. Platform-independent development
    • Often, dotnet developers use multiple operating systems to build and test the applications. .NET Core offers complete platform independence – developers can write code on any platform and run it on another one. It supports Windows, Linux, and macOS to develop ecommerce solutions.
    • Cross-platform development simplifies the testing process as well. It helps developers understand whether the application will work smoothly on different platforms or not.
  6. Dynamic software programming
    • An ASP.NET development company can utilize the power of the rich features that framework offers to create scalable ecommerce stores. It offers garbage collection, language independence, automated memory management, etc. Moreover, it supports multiple languages, asynchronous programming as well.
    • Ecommerce solutions achieve faster performance and rapid development – all thanks to the dynamic software programming of .NET. It makes the application more accessible and simplifies the entire development process twofold.
  7. Visual Studio IDE
    • One of the biggest advantages of using .NET for application development is that it supports Visual Studio IDE. It is an integrated development environment that provides all the tools and plugins needed to build a high-quality application. There are debugging and integration compilation features as well.
    • Visual Studio is the one-stop destination to create interactive e-commerce websites. Whatever the store needs, it can offer to dotnet developers. They can match their preference by customizing the IDE.
  8. Easy deployment and maintenance
    1. When it comes to deploying the ecommerce application, .NET has fantastic advantages. .NET Core can be installed as a part of the application or separately as well. It also offers a modular design that includes all dependencies that you need.
    2. Another significant advantage is that developers can run different versions of .NET Core on the same machine. It also offers easy maintenance of the application running on different versions of the framework.
  9. High performance store
    • Ecommerce applications cannot lag, which is why .NET is the perfect choice for development. It delivers high performance for some of the largest websites in the world. Stack Overflow is a great example that uses .NET and has a traffic of 5.3 million pageviews per day.
    • HIgh performance comes in terms of low memory consumption and a great user experience. When scaling, companies don’t have to worry about performance issues as the framework can easily handle them.
  10. Wide community support
    • .NET is developed by Microsoft and supported by a massive community. There are over 5 million dotnet developers worldwide that offer assistance to the ecosystem. Apart from developers at Microsoft, the community also provides upgrades and additions to the framework.
    • The wide community offers a ton of documentation, resources, and support to developers. Often, companies hire .NET developers and align them to collaborate with other developers from the community on innovative projects.

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.NET is one of the oldest and most popular web frameworks for development. Today’s ecommerce applications need dynamic features, and .NET Core & ASP.NET have the capabilities to offer that. Due to the above features, many enterprises prefer building their ecommerce app with .NET. 

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