Ruby on Rails is a mature framework for web development. Today, there are over 300,000 developers working with Ruby. However, Ruby on Rails skills differ on the basis of experience and expertise.

When hiring Ruby on Rails developers, there are key skills to look for. From development to communication – a lot of Ruby on Rails developers skills are important. As a popular technology for web application development, companies are still looking to hire a Ruby on Rails developer who can create top-notch Rails applications.

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Why are Ruby on Rails Developers back in High Demand?

Even though Rails has been in existence for over 15 years, the technology is still in demand. It is often known as the “startup technology.” The framework enables companies and startups to create rapid prototypes and achieve market advantage. Rails simplifies the software development process.

Here are a couple of reasons why Ruby on Rails developers are back in demand –

  1. Need to build products faster
    • Today, the market for software is highly competitive. There are already hundreds of SaaS solutions available. Therefore, companies need developers who can build products at a rapid pace. It offers them an edge over their competitors. Ruby on Rails app development reduces the time to build products by 25% to 40%. Combine it with skillful developers, and the delivery timeline reduces significantly.
  2. Focus on simplification
    • Complex application development may often lead to complex coding. However, Ruby on Rails simplifies the development process. It follows the principle of Convention Over Configuration. It allows developers to set up the environment from the beginning without the need for many modifications. The Don’t Repeat Yourself principle reduces the lines of coding. Therefore, it keeps the codebase simple – even for complex applications.
  3. Create an affordable product
    • When companies hire Ruby on Rails developers, they don’t put a hole in their budget. Rails is an open-source framework. Therefore, there are no licensing costs involved. On top of that, Ruby on Rails developers are easily available at an affordable cost. Since the development time is low, companies don’t have to worry about spending more and more. They can outsource to a software development company that is proficient in Ruby on Rails and let it go once the project is complete.

Apart from the above three reasons, Ruby on Rails is also versatile and scalable. Companies like Shopify, Airbnb, Groupon, Basecamp, and many more use the framework. It is still a part of many growing companies’s technology stack. Therefore, the demand for Ruby on Rails developers is high and will continue to be so.

Top skills of a Ruby on Rails Developer

Now that we know why Ruby on Rails developers are in high demand, let us move on to learning the most important skills for a Ruby on Rails developer.

Rails developers need both soft and technical skills to succeed in their careers. While they will work on the backend, as they progress in their career, they will communicate with the clients as well. Therefore, developing those skills from the beginning can be a great advantage. 

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Here are the most important skills for a Ruby on Rails developer should focus on – 

  1. Ruby language
    • Having a good grasp of the Ruby programming language is the first skill that a Ruby on Rails developer must have. Ruby has a simple syntax – almost like English. Ruby is the base for all Ruby on Rails operations. The programming language is easy to learn. It is beginner-friendly – enabling even new developers to create interactive applications.
    • Apart from the syntax, having knowledge of OOPs is essential. Object Oriented Programming enables developers to visualize elements of the application as objects. It simplifies the process of web development.
  2. Frontend skills
    • By utilizing JavaScript, ROR developers will be able to look for any DOM, can wrap the element in any hidden HTML, handle the confirmation dialogues, and do much more. Knowing HTML is a big advantage for Ruby on Rails developers. Along with HTML, CSS will enable a Rails developer to create a backend that aligns with the front end. 
    • HTML is one of the most important Rails developers skills. It will come again and again in every feature that the developer creates. Therefore, having sound knowledge of frontend development skills will assist the developer as a whole.
  3. Database skills
    • Database management is one of the mandatory Ruby on Rails skills. SQL and PostgreSQL/MYSQL are the most widely used databases for Ruby on Rails. ActiveRecord would be creating SQL code in the case of Ruby on Rails application development. 
    • Database knowledge allows experts at the Ruby on Rails development company to better read the lags and manage the database. There’s a lot of data involved in a dynamic application – therefore, database knowledge is pertinent.
  4. Ruby on Rails technicalities
    • There are multiple things specific to Ruby on Rails that a developer should know. MVC, or the Model-View-Controller structure, is the primary structure in the Ruby on Rails app. Developers must also know about ActiveRecord. It is the element that takes care of the data persistence. It is highly useful for object-relational mapping.
    • Apart from that, API skills are important for data exchange and transfer. RubyGems is a critical skill that developers need to know. It enables developers to insert plugins that simplify the development process. RubyGems eliminates the need to write code for several elements from scratch.
  5. Non-technical skills
    • While technical skills are important, all Ruby on Rails developers for hire must have non-technical skills. These include the soft skills needed to approach the process in the right way. Some of the top soft skills that an enterprise should look for in a Ruby on Rails developer include –
      • Effective workplace communication
      • Problem-solving skills
      • Critical thinking and analysis
      • Teamwork and collaboration
      • Openness to experience 

These are the 5 most important soft skills that Ruby on Rails developers need. When they progress in their career, developers enter into leadership positions. They will communicate with the client and interact with other stakeholders. Soft skills also come in handy during this period. 

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Ruby on Rails developers are in high demand these days. As the post-pandemic period starts to settle in, companies are looking for fast and affordable applications. Enterprises want to hire Ruby on Rails developer who can bring the right skills to build such solutions. Therefore, having the above skills gives developers an advantage over others.

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Where can I find the best Ruby on Rails developers?

There are thousands of Ruby on Rails developers across the globe. Finding the best ones can be a challenge. However, once you know your requirements, you can shortlist a couple of Ruby on Rails development companies that meet your requirements. They generally have skilled developers who can create high-quality products. 

How much does Ruby on Rails development cost?

Ruby on Rails development is affordable. Many startups use the technology because it helps them stay within budget. The average cost of a Ruby on Rails project can range between $25,000 to $100,000. Other frameworks and technologies can cost more as they involve a lot of complexities that would demand more effort and hence, more money.