5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence is changing the Classroom Environment.

The future of education is already here. Artificial intelligence powered classrooms are helping students and teachers alike in improving the quality of education. Here are 5 critical areas where artificial intelligence services are making their presence felt.

1. Artificial Intelligence can make Learning Personalised

Each child is different and so is their learning speed and capabilities. Traditional classrooms treat every student at the same level, and that’s where a big setback lies. Artificial intelligence services can help by making education more tailored as per the student’s learning style and speed. Artificial intelligence is all poised to usher in machine assisted learning for each student in the classroom. The same academic concepts can be taught in different ways as per the student’s history and learning pattern.

2. Education beyond Geographical Boundaries

Artificial intelligence breaks all the country barriers and helps spread education among all, including even those who might have visual or hearing impairments. There are various plug-ins and extensions which help in real-time translation of powerpoint presentations. This feature expands the scope of learning immensely and helps the student by breaking language and regional barriers. Artificial intelligence services are also starting to play a major role in the proliferation of online courses for various subjects.

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3. Smart Content with Engaging Interfaces

Traditional textbooks can be boring for many students. Learning through regular chalkboards which offer a text or 2D diagram based information can be monotonous. With artificial intelligence development, one gets access to an engaging form of learning which has typography. 3D diagrams, animations, audios, illustrative videos, and live pictures. It makes learning interactive, interesting and lots more fun for children. Smart content also involves virtual content like video conferencing and video lectures, which can be live streamed and used to teach aspirants across the shores.

4. Automates Administrative tasks to Improve Efficiency

Apart from imparting education, a teacher’s job also involves administrative aspects as well, which include grading, preparing question papers, charting attendances, assessing homework, providing valuable responses and much more. These activities are time-consuming and taxing for teachers. Artificial intelligence services can be of immense help and automate various repetitive tasks. AI-powered programs can take a bucket load of responsibilities off a teacher’s back. Even the school admission process can be streamlined and automated with the help of artificial intelligence development.

5. Empowering and Augmenting the role of a teacher

Teachers are sacrosanct in education and will remain indispensable and integral to a classroom. Artificial intelligence, however, makes a paradigm shift in the role of a teacher. It takes a huge amount of repetitive workload off the teachers. It helps them in course materials and course delivery. From a mere instructor, a teacher then actually becomes a mentor with the help of artificial intelligence. AI can complement teachers and teachers ca make the most of AI, and help deliver quality education.

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