Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework. Known for its flexibility, it powers 3,903,258 websites globally. Ruby on Rails development speeds up the process of build web applications. It is so efficient that a Ruby on Rails developer can build an app 25% to 40% faster as compared to other frameworks.

Around 2.1% (21,034) of the top 1 million websites use Ruby on Rails. The framework is a masterpiece for developing web applications in every industry. Whether it’s healthcare or automobile, Rails brings the next level of dynamism to every application.


But what makes the framework so popular? Some say that it is affordable, some say it is because the Ruby on Rails development environment is easy and simple. There are many reasons that make it perfect for developing dynamic apps. 

This article will highlight 15 such reasons that make Ruby on Rails a reliable web development framework. 

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15 Reasons Companies Trust Ruby on Rails

There are several other popular backend technologies for web apps like Django, Flask, Laravel, and more. So why should companies choose Ruby on Rails app development? We believe the following reasons will highlight why we at BoTree Technologies and other companies trust the framework –

15 reasons of Ruby on Rails
  1. Rapid Prototyping
    • Rails simplifies building MVPs and prototypes within a couple of months. Companies prefer Ruby on Rails rapid application development as it offers them more time to market the products. Often development teams achieve 25% to 40% higher efficiency when working with Rails. Combined with agile, Ruby on Rails encourages timely product delivery.
  1. Simple and Easy
    • Ruby on Rails is simple to configure and work with. It is easy to learn as well. Both of these things are possible because of Ruby. The programing language has one of the easiest syntax, which is similar to the English language. Ruby is a general-purpose programming language, simplifying things for web apps.
  1. Cost-effective
    • One of the biggest benefits of Rails is that it is extremely affordable. The framework is open-source, which means there is no licensing fee involved. Apart from that, developers are also easily available, that too at a lower cost. There are thousands of Ruby on Rails developers for hire at an average salary of $107,381 per year.
  1. Startup-friendly
    • Ruby on Rails is often known as “the startup technology.” It offers flexible, quick, and dynamic web development to startups. Most emerging companies and startups prefer it because of its rapid app development capabilities. It leads to faster MVP development, which allows startups to quickly look for investment opportunities.
  1. Flexible Framework
    • Ruby on Rails is highly flexible and adaptable. Even when developers miss to add any functionality, they can use various modules to add features into the application. Apart from that, they can also redefine elements by removing or adding them during the development process. Even the individual programs can be expanded and modified.
  1. Convention over Configuration
    • Whether it’s Ruby on Rails enterprise software development or consumer-focused apps, the framework uses convention over configuration. Developers don’t need to spend hours trying to set up the Ruby on Rails development environment. The standard protocols cover everything, simplifying things for developers on the project. The framework also uses the principle of “Don’t Repeat Yourself” to ensure there are no redundancies.

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  1. Scalable Applications
websites built with ruby on rails
  1. Highly Secure
    • If companies want a secure web development framework, then Ruby on Rails development is the way to go. It comes with in-built security features that protect the web application against SQL injections, malware, XSS, CSRF, and other attacks. The framework reduces the chances of vulnerabilities in the application.
  1. RubyGems
    • Do you know that there are 133,000+ RubyGems that have been downloaded 14 billion+ times? RubyGems are plugins or modules that simplify the process of web development. There’s no need for developers to write the code for a lot of features from scratch. Gems make it possible to add functionality without much hassle.
  1. Massive Community
    • The Rails community is massive. There are 4,500+ contributors in the Ruby on Rails community on GitHub. They provide updates, releases, and bug fixes in the Ruby on Rails framework and its versions. Around 95% of the developers are focused on Ruby, followed by Javascript, PHP, and more. The community also provides great documentation and support for building web applications.
  1. Industry-wide Popularity
    • Did you know that Ruby on Rails was in the initial technology stack of Twitter? Industry giants like Shopify, Airbnb, Basecamp, Goodreads, among others, use the framework for their web development requirements. Some of our leading clients like Sinagpore’s “eCommerce Marketplace” is also one of the biggest users of the Ruby on Rails development environment.
  1. Stable Framework
    • Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) are two of the most amazing features of Ruby on Rails. The Rails toolkit offers extensive testing, enabling developers to build stable web applications. These features also make the web app highly maintainable, as any Ruby on Rails developer can improve on bugs easily.
  1. Beginner-friendly
    • Apart from being loved by startups, beginners also admire the framework for how easy it is to learn. The framework has so much documentation for new developers. Even if they were to be deployed on an ongoing project, they would easily understand where the process stands. The framework is the first choice for beginner developers who want a career in web development.
  1. Automated Testing
    • Probably one of the biggest benefits of Ruby on Rails development is automated testing. There’s no need for developers to manually conduct tests on each and every piece of code. While QA is essential, automated testing ensures that developers save their time in the initial stages of the development process.
  1. Perfect for Modern needs
    • Whether it’s building a responsive website or synchronizing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – Rails can do it. A software development company with expertise in Ruby on Rails can build applications for FinTech, Healthcare, and even New Economy companies. The framework provides suitable functionalities to develop high-quality apps that meet modern business requirements.

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Summing Up

Ruby on Rails is still a relevant framework used by companies all across the world – of all shapes and sizes. In today’s world, it is one of the best frameworks to digitize enterprises through dynamic web apps.

Leading companies like BoTree Technologies provide holistic Ruby on Rails development services to ensure startups and MNCs can make the most of their digital application needs. 

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