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  • Client : HireInfluence Inc.
  • Domain : Influencer Marketing
  • Technology Stack : Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, jQuery, AWS

The client is an Influencer Marketing Agency. They work with various clients across diverse industries helping them build and grow their brands. The agency specializes in providing all inclusive content strategies, influencer casting and placement, experiential broadcasting and brand reputation support. The client caters to some of the largest companies in their respective industries.

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  • Client : Breitenbush Hot Springs
  • Domain : Hotel Reservation Management
  • Technology Stack : Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery

BLISS stands for The Breitenbush Living Information Sharing System, and was envisioned as being a central repository and management system for all aspects of guest stays, including reservations for Personal Retreats, Events, Day Use and Massages, cabin cleaning and maintenance, guest satisfaction and feedback, and all financial transactions of the business.

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  • Client : ImpactHealth Inc.
  • Domain : Insurance
  • Technology Stack : Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Algolia Search, PDF parsing

Lead by Christine Carrillo and Helen Lee, ImpactHealth is a TechStars company with a funding of over $ 2M. Impact Health is changing the way users buy Health Insurance. The platform analyses various health insurance plans from a number of insurance companies to help you choose a plan that fits your needs the best.

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  • Client : MAGnificent Marketing LLC.
  • Domain : Print Media
  • Technology Stack : Ruby on Rails, jQuery, MySQL, AWS

A platform for processing a large number of PDF documents in varied layouts and publishing the content to major content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Connect and Publish to multiple CMSes. Content marketplace to manage, showcase and trade original licensed content.

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  • Mobiquity Inc. : HireInfluence Inc.
  • Domain : Online Training
  • Technology Stack : Ruby on Rails, Backbone JS, Phantom JS, MySQL

Mobiquity, a professional and managed services firm, simplifies mobile for hundreds of companies globally. The company provides customers with comprehensive end-to-end mobile services through three key disciplines that unleash the power and innovation of mobile computing: strategy, user-centered design, and core technology. Mobiquity has developed a Mobile Enterprise Model which is the backbone of everything they do.

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